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Wurldtech GE OpShield


The nature of industrial risk is changing. More devices are connected, the air gap is disappearing, and the threat landscape continues to expand. If continuous operations are mission critical to your organization, Wurldtech can help.

OpShield is designed to support and protect your critical processes and control strategy. Specifically designed for operational technology (OT) environments, OpShield can:


  • 1) Auto-discover and map OT network protocols and processes


  • 2) Defend against ICS threats and device exploitation


  • 3) Protect processes and control systems at the application command level




OpShield is designed to shield unpatched ICS, SCADA, and other connected devices from cyber threats. It has unique machine learning capabilities to automatically discover communications between connected devices, and allows an operator to validate a deterministic blueprint of the process control environment. This becomes the basis for threat detection, protection and mitigation.

The system inspects and controls traffic at the application command level, which means that it can detect and block unauthorized activity. And, it interoperates with traditional or next gen firewalls to provide the right design for your IT-OT security transition zone.








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