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Tenable SCADA Security Monitoring



Tenable is uniquely positioned to detect vulnerabilities with active and passive assessments and analysis, and host-­‐based patch monitoring for enterprise networks. Key product lines include: Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View, for enterprise security management, continuous network monitoring, log aggregation and analysis and Nessus, the leading global technology utilized for vulnerability assessments.



SecurityCenter Continuous View


Tenable’s SecurityCenter Continuous View provides a continuous network monitoring platform that brings information from around the network to a single management console. It can control and manage active assessments and credentialed patch audits with Nessus, and combine this with passive continuous network monitoring.


Passive Vulnerability Scanner

The Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS) component of SecurityCenter CV is a network-­‐monitoring product that reports a wide variety of security data including active hosts, protocols in use, and any vulnerabilities associated with them. It monitors network traffic 24x7 and reports on any observed vulnerabilities.


Log Correlation Engine

SecurityCenter CV uses the Log Correlation Engine (LCE) component to aggregate, normalize, and correlate logs from various devices. Any application that generates logs can be aggregated by the LCE. These consumed logs can be used for correlation rules as well as analyzed for deviations from previous behavior.



Nessus can be used to identify many different types of applications and vulnerabilities. When managed by SecurityCenter, it can effectively be used to monitor the security of SCADA networks. In high-­‐availability environments, Tenable recommends a combination of active, passive and host-­‐based continuous network monitoring. Nessus performs both network assessments as well as host-­‐based patch and configuration audits.




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