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  UCME-OPC seamlessly interfaces with any SCADA, DCS, OPC or DDE server to provide efficient and secure two-way communication between SCADA, DCS or OPC platforms and users via SMS, push notification, email, or voice over telephony.

Alarm Notification - Via multiple channels

UCME-OPC is advanced alarm notification software that can send alerts via:

• Voice over telephony - voice message via phone, concurrently dialing up to four recipients, and enabling alarm acknowledgement
• SMS - text message to any phone
• Push notification - using familiar messaging interface and alerts on any smartphone (Android or iOS), PC or tablet
• Pager - text message to a pager
• Email - text message to email
• Fax - text message to fax
• Voice notification - plays a message over the computer’s speakers
• Active alarm display in any web browser – see active alarms using custom alarm filter, acknowledge alarms and add remarks/notes


Remote Control - For rapid response

With UCME-OPC, users can respond instantly to alarms via phone, SMS or web browser application. Acknowledge alarms, change set-points, query field values, generate production reports, suspend or resume alarm notifications, and more.


Alarm Analysis

UCME-OPC analyses critical alarm parameters, compares values with the desired range, and marks parameters that don’t comply. This real-time information is sent directly to a mobile phone or email, enabling rapid response. Event data is easily accessible for analysis via a dedicated web browser application.


OPC Scheduling - Event notification - anytime, any day

UCME-OPC lets users schedule pre-configured event notification scenarios based on time, day or date, and assign OPC tag values based on time and date.




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