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   Penetration testing is the act of testing an organization's security by simulating the actions of an attacker. It helps you in determining various levels of vulnerabilities and to what extent an external attacker can damage the network, before it actually occurs.


   There are a lot of different ways that penetration testing is described, conducted and marketed.  Often confused with conducting a “vulnerability scan”, “compliance audit” or “security assessment”, penetration testing stands apart from these efforts in a few critical ways:

penetration testing

- A penetration test doesn’t stop at simply uncovering vulnerabilities:  it goes the next step to actively exploit those vulnerabilities in order to prove (or disprove) real-world attack vectors against an organization’s IT assets, data, humans, and/or physical security.


- While a penetration test may involve use of automated tools and process frameworks, the focus is ultimately on the individual or team of testers, the experience they bring to the test, and the skills and wherewithal they leverage in the context of an active attack on your organization.


- A penetration test is designed to answer the question: “What is the real-world effectiveness of my existing security controls against an active, human, skilled attacker?” We can contrast this with security or compliance audits that check for the existence of required controls and their correct configurations, by establishing a simple scenario:  Even a 100% compliant organization may still be vulnerable in the real world against a skilled human threat agent.


- A penetration test allows for multiple attack vectors to be explored against the same target. Often it is the combination of information or vulnerabilities across different systems that will lead to a successful compromise.

   PCS Penetration Testing services are specifically designed to test entire IT Infrastructures or just individual systems and providing you with the maximum value by finding and helping to eliminate security weaknesses. PCS penetration testing team will also provide very customized guidance in the form of both a technical and business-driven report which makes for a living document against which remediation activities may be driven by the client. These services are ideal for ISO 27001, PCI/DSS, and other similar requirements.

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