PCS Stays Ahead of Cybercrime

PCS is proud to be at the forefront of protecting organizations and our society against cyber threats. With threat intelligence-driven services, real-world insights, and specialists covering the entire cybersecurity spectrum, we help defend your most valuable data assets every day.

About Us

Network pentest

Manual and automated network penetration testing performed by highly certified, experienced penetration testers.

Application pentest

PCS discovers vulnerabilities in applications by using different advanced penetration techniques and attacks.

Cyber Security assessment

PCS assesses your organization’s information systems, networks and applications security against cyber attacks

Are You Protected From Cyberthreats?

The world of cybersecurity is in a constant state of evolution and the ever-changing atmosphere means that the way we defend against threats and bad actors must evolve too. Without frequent checks, gaps in security can leave you vulnerable to new threats, and oftentimes companies do not have the necessary resources or expertise to keep up.

Deep-dive, manual penetration testing

As a deep-dive penetration testing provider, PCS uncovers vulnerabilities which put your organization at risk, and provide guidance to mitigate them. PCS brings together the security research, proprietary technologies, and industry-leading security engineers to create the best penetration testing firm in the industry. So whether your focus is on the external or internal network, complex web applications, the Blockchain, or social engineering testing, we have the specialists to fit your unique needs.

What Makes PCS Unique

The company’s technological proficiency and numerous years of experience in the field of information security and cyber warfare provide PCS with a significant competitive edge and a strong expertise in business know-how combined with information security.

Expert & Professional

PCS penetration testers are highly experienced professionals and consistently deliver the highest quality results. 



High Quality Work

You can trust us to deliver work that meets the highest standards of quality and exceeds your expectations. 


Modern Pentesting

PCS constantly stays up to speed with the latest practices in the pentesting industry.


Active Directory PenTest Expertise

Our team holds certifications as OSEP and CRTE which combined with actual skills and experience makes them experts on Acrive Directory Penetration Testing.

PCS is leading the way for Blockchain PenTest

PCS experts proactively identify weak spots in your Web3 project by putting your systems against a simulated cyber-attack in a safe and controlled environment.

Are You Looking for a Penetration Testing?

Flexible Models and Pricing Structure

PCS believes that everyone should have access to high-quality products and services, regardless of their budget. That’s why we’re committed to keeping our prices low, without compromising on quality.

Our affordable prices are perfect for small businesses, startups, and individuals who are looking for cost-effective solutions. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal possible when you choose us.

So why pay more? Choose PCS for budget-friendly pricing and exceptional value.

Our Certifications

Helping our clients strengthen the security of their networks, applications, premises and people is our top priority. To guarantee we provide offensive security solutions of the highest quality, our team holds a number of industry certifications demonstrating high standards of proficiency.

Penetration Testing Is Needed more than ever

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